Where to Buy Cheap Nike Shoes

Nikes are one of the most sought after shoes you can wear. All around, they are tremendous shoe; but hey, you probably already know that. That’s why you’re searching for where to buy cheap Nike shoes. In this article, I will show you where you can find cheap Nikes. It’s definitely a tougher topic because there are a lot of fake websites made by Chinese manufacturers. These sites are set up to dupe you into buying fake Nikes that you are led to believe are real. However, there are a few places you can buy Nikes for cheap.

Places to Buy Cheap Nike Shoes

Buying cheap Nike shoes is definitely something that is harder to do. However, it’s definitely possible! Here’s some places that typically sells Nikes at a discount.

The Nike Outlet Store

This is the gold mine for finding good deals on Nikes. Let me tell you, every time I visit the outlet stores I make sure the Nike store is one of my stops. Each outlet store they own has a plethora of Nikes shoes on sale to choose from. What’s nice is that they have a lot of different shoes in all sizes. I have actually been pleasantly surprised by their selection. There are typically over a couple hundred pairs of shoes for each size! But what’s the best are their prices. Last time I was there I was able to pick up a pair of Nike Air Force 1s for $50 – typically priced $90 on the Nike store. Unfortunately getting to the outlet store is a bigger pain because they are located outside of major cities.

Ross Store

One store that’s located in major cities though is Ross. Ross is an off-price retailer that offers loads of main brands for cheap. One of the shoe brands they carry is Nike. However, don’t expect to find a huge selection here. Actually, don’t even expect to find anything. Always come in with low expectations! Depending on the Ross store you go to will depend on your selection. Some Ross Stores have tons of Nikes and others have 1 pair, so it’s really hit or miss.


You’re best bet for cheap Nike shoes online is going to be on Amazon. Amazon has the widest selection of Nikes to choose from at fair prices, they also. You will always pay the same price or cheaper on Amazon. However, you will typically see prices anywhere from $5-30 off on a pair of Nikes. I know this isn’t the cheapest – but hey it’s still a good deal. All of the Nikes on Amazon are authentic.


You could always try your luck with eBay. Personally, I’m not a fan though because people sell fakes on there. If you do go eBay, be sure to check their user feedback and ensure they have sold Nikes before. If some retailer has been selling electronics and now all of a sudden is selling Nikes – it’s a red flag. Just be careful!


Zappos has some great deals, however it’s primarily for Nike running shoes. So if you’re looking for good deals on running shoes they have Nikes that are well discounted. For instance, Zappos recently marked down the LunarGlide 4, to $70 from its original $110 price tag.

You’ve got to be careful when you’re searching for cheap Nike shoes. Many of the searches that appear for any search term related to, “cheap Nike shoes”, will yield websites that sell fake Nikes. These websites are set up by Chinese manufacturers in and will promise you authentic Nikes. However, you should not believe them. If you purchase from these websites the Nikes you receive will be fake and don’t expect a refund to come anytime soon. If you do decide to order from a website like this, please be sure you trust them because many have also been known to just take your money and leave you with no product.